Food & Nutrition

A good diet will impact on health and behaviour. The Phoenix Team are passionate about providing the best nutrition possible. Phoenix Rehoming is now able to sell top quality food directly to our adopters and followers. The team have been on a nutritional and educational journey with Dr Conor Brady PHD from Dogs First to improve the diets and health of our much loved pups. We always recommend raw food diets, however not all owners want to, or can raw feed, This is where dog and cat food from Patron Project comes in!

Each purchase supports our charity. You’ll be surprised at how competitive the food is but the ingredients speak for themselves.

Delivered straight to your door.
High meat content. Freshly prepared meat is always the first ingredient.
Low temperature cooking. Unique fresh-trusion process means cooking at 90 degrees Celsius.
EU sourced meat. We largely use UK meats and will never source meat from outside the EU.
No grain EVER. Instead of wheat, corn and rice we use sweet potato.
Power additions. We add a mix of stock, fruit, vegetables, Omega 3 and prebiotics.
No nasty stuff. No artificial anything and preserved naturally.
Compostable packaging. No more plastic. All our bags are 100% compostable.
Nothing hidden. No BS promise. We don’t say “dried” we say meat meal. We even list our carbohydrates!
Choose which ever range you prefer. 50-80% meat.

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Adult 80:20

Puppy Grain Free

Small Dog 50:50

Adult 50:50

Cat Grain Free

Senior Grain Free

100% Natural Treat Boxes

Entirely natural complementary treat boxes containing chews and treats for your favourite friend! 

📦The Rescue Mixed Box📦
Gourmet Sticks – Beef & Vegetable (4pcs)
Gourmet Sausages – Beef & Garlic (300g)
Moist Sausages – Venison (1 pack of 5)
Gourmet Slices – Chicken (250g)
Meaty Strips – Wild Boar (100g)
Cut Trachea (2pcs)
Hairy Rabbit Ears (3pcs)
Pig Ears – Grade A (1pc)
Chicken Feet (3pcs)
EU Tripe (3pcs)
£20 (Plus P&P)
📦Puppy and Small Dog Treat Box📦
Beef Muscle Chew x 2pcs
Paddy Wack x 2pcs
Chicken Sausages x 1kg
Chicken Training Treats x 500g
Hairy Rabbit Ears x 2pcs
Skinny Pizzles x 2pcs
Meaty Strips Wild Boar x 1pc
Meaty Strips Beef x 1pc
Camel Skins x 2pcs
£21.50 (Plus P&P)

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