Fostering saves lives!

Phoenix Rehoming is a foster based rescue. This means all of our dogs here in the U.K. live in homes, not kennels. Please read the detailed guide to fostering which can be found below. 

Unfortunately we are unable to consider foster families with children under five years. 

You must have a secure garden with fencing of at least 6 feet to be considered for fostering. 

The charity is based predominantly in Hampshire. We do prefer that our dogs are fostered within 100 miles of Hampshire where possible. This is so we can be on hand to provide help and support. 

When you foster a dog or puppy you are making a commitment to foster him or her until they are adopted. Whether by you or another family. This doesn’t mean that if they’re not suitable to be adopted by your family that we will move them somewhere else. We ask that you work through any issues together with us. They are rescue dogs and will be far from perfect when they arrive.

Fostering isn’t a trial period before adoption. You must be prepared to contact and meet potential adopters for the dog. If you encounter issues we may not be able to move your dog straight away, on occasions it can take several weeks sometimes to find a place. You may be asked to help with transport.

You should always be able to separate your foster dog from any children and/or other pets and make sure that they are supervised with both at all times. Rescue dogs are often not tested with children and/or cats or other pets.

Please also remember that if you do decide to adopt we ask that the adoption fee is paid straight away. Dogs will remain available for adoption until paid. If you are considering adopting please make sure you have the adoption fee available.

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