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  1. I am interesting in fostering. I had dogs for 18 years, all three were rescue dogs and had their own behavioural issues and health issues from dominance and snapping to being anti social with other dogs which I dealt with successfully. Since losing our last dog I have been doing dog sitting and dog day care but many of the dogs have sadly passed away over the years and I would also quite like to have a dog for a longer period but not permanently. I am usually travelling a lot which is why I now longer have a dog but would love to foster a dog now and again. I have a car and a dog proof home with a decent size garden that is fully enclosed. I still have things like dogs beds, bowls and toys as well. I do not have children. I live in Fareham but am happy to drive to collect a dog or take it to the vets from here. I work from home even not during lockdown, so the dog would not be left alone for more than the occasional hour.

  2. Hello
    My husband and I are looking to foster 1 or 2 dogs if they need to stay together.
    I am working from home being shielded from work currently and when eventually this is all over I will only be part time working 3 ten hour shifts in 17 days. I am close enough to work to come home in my meal break to let them out. We have a large back garden and both of us have owned dogs before and I have been foster mum to my friends & sisters dogs walking them and looking after them regularly.
    Claire Hopkins

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