11 months

Ipswich, Suffolk



Meet eager to please, bundle of energy, Zonny. This 11 month old, neutered, mixed breed boy is the clown of the house and will have you laughing every day! His coat is short and curly, very similar to that of an Hungarian Pumi, and doesn’t appear to shed, making him potentially hypoallergenic.

Zonny can be nervous when meeting new people, but once he knows he can trust you, he will be the most loyal friend you will ever have. He responds super well to praise and positive reinforcement. Zonny can be a little fearful of passing cars but has come so far in the time he has been in foster. He needs a calm, patient and experienced dog owner to give him the ongoing training that a young, energetic dog needs. In return you will get, in time, a fabulous, loving and funny little dog. His recall training has been excellent!

Zonny is good with other dogs and older, calm children but has not been tested with children under 10. He gets in trouble with the cats quite frequently by sticking his snout in their faces and trying to play with them. No malice but ideally needs a cat free home. Fencing needs to be a minimum of 5ft and solid. Zonny needs physical and mental stimulation and is keen to learn; might be a good candidate for agility training. Having said that, he can also be quite dim, and rolls off the edge of the sofa at least once a week!

Adoption fee £395 which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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