3 years

Salisbury, Wiltshire



Tori is a 3 year old Romanian mixed breed Mioritic Shepherd Dog. She has a soft character and loves to chill out on the back door step or in comfy bed. Sometimes I forget I have her she is so chilled out.
She will need home which are used to stubborn large breed that can bark at strangers. Her bark is not aggressive just telling you there is someone in the house.
Tori walks lovely on a lead or harness but doesn’t know the basic commands so would require some ongoing training. She has now discovered that pockets have treats in them so should be easy to train. She has a double coat which will require daily brushing and the occasional trip to the groomers.
She sussed out the dog flap within a day and is completely house trained, super intelligent. She is not cat tested but she is living with six doggy housemates without any issues at all. She will not be rehomed with children under 10 because of her size. She is around 35kg and she can jump up in excitement. She can live alone or with other dogs. Her pictures don’t do her justice she is such a pretty girl.

Adoption fee £345 which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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