2 years

Havant, Hampshire



Stanlee is a 2 year old collie cross girl. Around 17kg. She is exceptionally smart and enjoys learning. So far to date Stanlee has completed the following courses:

Bronze Plus
IMDT grade 1
IMDT grade 2

She will now be looking for a home with someone who has experience with rescue dogs and/or dog sports.

Stanlee with thrive doing agility, Hoopers, heel work, trick training, Canix or similar. She is an exceptionally smart dog and needs an equally smart owner.

Stanlee has been trained with clicker. She will also work on a marker word. This girl works for dust, she is exceptionally motivated. She knows the following cues:

Emergency down
Recall with whistle
Loose lead walking
Down, sit, stand with stay
Middle, go around, leg weaves
Back up
Play dead, roll over
Play bow, spin, twist
Chin rest, paw,
Hand touch, paw touch, target training
Send to bed or platform
Jump, jump through hoop, A frame, seesaw
Hug a post/tree/leg

She’s come such a long way since being surrendered and she’s now ready to find her forever home.

Stanlee can be anxious around people. She sees strangers and will sometimes bark, particularly if they’ve snuck up on her! This is all dear based, she is worried about their intentions. She is wary of strangers coming into the home and will bark to begin with. This needs careful management. We are now in a position where Stanlee can learn to like people quite quickly, in just a couple of sessions but it must always be at her pace. This makes her unsuitable for a home with children (teens will be okay). She has never bitten and articulates her feelings very well.

Stanlee is good with other dogs and loves to play but at times can be a bit bossy! She would be ideally suited to a home with a playful male dog. She’s house trained, crate trained and can be left.

She’s not perfect but you get a dog with a year of training under her belt, ready to excel in any field with her new adopters. Please, please don’t apply to adopt Stanlee unless you’re going to continue training because she absolutely lives for it.

Adoption fee £225 which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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