4 years old





Little Sandy is a female 4 year old and a small medium size.


Sandy is a nervous girl, she is going to take time to trust you. Once trust is established Sandy is a highly loving, attentive and playful girl who loves to be cuddled and show affection. She devotes herself to those that love her.


Sandy is very easy going, she loves to nap after exercise and will happily lounge round the house whilst being ready to play with toys whenever someone is willing. She is perfectly fine in her own company and gets very excited to be reunited when returning home.


Sandy is a very bright dog, she responds well to training, shows patience, and loves figuring things out.


Sandy wants nothing more than to be loved but is so nervous of new people it takes time for her to trust and build that bond so she needs someone that is dedicated to taking care of her and willing to be patient when introducing new people to her and her home.


She really enjoys a walk, gets very excited. She is currently walking 2-3 times a day for 20-50 minutes, this is more than enough, she gets tired. She could easily be given one good walk a day.


Sandy does enjoy her walks and due to her being nervous about the outside world she would best suit a home where she can enjoy quiet walks without too many cars, noises, people and dogs – she finds these things distressing and scary.


Trust can be established by slow and patient introductions, meeting outside the house and allowing her to get used to smell and sound before entering the house. It will still take time to gain her trust, giving treats and being patient, waiting for her to be ready to come to you. This can sometimes take multiple visits. Once trust is gained it is so worth it for her love and affection.


Once trust is established she is a very loving dog and will remember people even with time in between visits.


Sandy needs to be in a pet free home where she can feel safe and loved. She is nervous of other dogs and will bark and react if she encounters them outdoors. Full training support is available to help her with this.


Sandy sleeps all night in her own bed, does prefer to be in the same room as her humans, or at least on the same floor. With practice she’d be fine sleeping separately.


She is fully housetrained.


If you have patience and time for Sandy, she will reward you with so much love.


Adoption fee £225 which includes;



Vet check



Flea & worm treatment

5 weeks insurance with Agria

Post adoption training


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