Rebel - on trial

5 years




Rebel is a bright and entertaining little chap with a very sensitive side.


He is a five year old neutered male short coat Chihuahua. He is attached to his best friend Bella and would be best suited finding his forever home with her.


He adores to be adored and will happily be stuck to you all day just enjoying your company. He likes to know where you are and what’s happening so he doesn’t miss out and loves adventures which makes him a perfect pocket size pal.

Rebel loves going out in the car. He walks perfectly on harness but enjoys being carried when his little legs get tired.


He absolutely loves getting carried about in a bag, satchel, papoose type carriers so is easily transported on adventures.


He’s crate and house trained. Sleeps through the night after he gets tucked in and a story.

Rebel likes to announce himself to the other dogs when out walking and saying hello, kind of showing off and happily walking in a group with no issues.


His recall needs a little tweaking and will need to be on lead in public, but he doesn’t mind that at all.


He gets on very well with other dogs and is very sociable, he’s currently living in a multi dog foster home. He can get a little carried away if there is high energy but will listen when asked.

Rebel is very affectionate and loves nothing more than to be with you and other dogs. He does have some separation anxiety and so does need his companion to help soothe him and so would not cope as an only dog, we are hopeful he will be rehomed with Bella and then there will be no worries for him.


He is absolutely fine for a few hours being left, he will settle down with his comfort blanket and best friend. He is very attached to his friend and they sit and groom, snuggle and snog all day long which is absolutely adorable and a joy to see.

He can get a bit overwhelmed with visitors coming in and out so will suggest he is popped in his crate with his friend until everyone gets settled and he’s had an opportunity to understand the situation and be acknowledged.


He is very nosy and inquisitive so will investigate anything new, any escape holes, people at the door, shopping bags and every inch of the garden.


He is a delightful little chap with bags of personality and love to give. He wants to be around you and be part of your world in every way.


He’s got a cheeky side with lots of hilarious expressions and dancing around to win your heart and get a belly rub.

Rebel loves his blankets! He naps under his fluffy blanket and enjoys a jumper in the evening.


Adoption fee £375 which includes;



Vet check


Flea & worm treatment

5 weeks insurance with Agria

Post adoption training


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