3 years




Lovely Lucky is a three-year-old medium sized mixed breed. He is friendly and affectionate and loves to snuggle on the sofa, be stroked and have belly rubs.

Lucky is clever and very food motivated which is great for training. He is learning to walk on a lead. In quiet areas and open spaces he walks really well; his favourite places are forest trails. He would be happiest in a home with lots of country walks available without needing to be walked near too many busy roads.

Lucky is learning how to play and be a dog after his time in the shelter, so will sometimes mouth like a younger dog, he will do well if encouraged to play with toys instead. He can be cheeky and try to ‘herd’ you where he wants you to go, he would benefit from ongoing training and even an adopter who has experience with herding breeds. He may benefit from a dog friend who wants to play but could also live as an only dog with lots of fun enrichment.

Lucky has a soft, shaggy coat which needs brushing at least every other day and will benefit from his adopter committing to regular grooming to keep him smart and comfy.

Lucky is doing really well with toilet training but doesn’t ask to go out yet so it’ll be important to take him out regularly in his new home.

Lucky can be left happily for a couple of hours. He enjoys puzzle/food toys or will settle down to sleep. He travels well in the car on the back seat.

❌ Cats – Lucky tries to play but will chase and bark at cats if they hiss at him.

✅ Children 13+ – Lucky has not met many children but finds loud younger children scary on walks.

Adoption fee £345 which includes;


Vet check



Flea & worm treatment

5 weeks insurance with Agria

Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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