6 years




Meet Denzil, a special middle aged chap who’s learning to enjoy life again.

Denzil is about 6 years old and medium sized. He’s an independent dog and is still learning affection but he has a wonderful character once he gets used to you – he loves a belly rub or chin scratch. He’s very placid and spends most of his day relaxing but is still very wary of the world, particularly noises. His walks are still very short. He copes by retreating rather than reacting so he needs a safe space of his own in an adult only home.

He’s good with other friendly dogs outside and inside. We would like to home him with a confident resident dog to help him come out of his shell even more. He’s started to play and is patient with young or boisterous dogs, as long as they know to leave him alone when he asks for space. He wasn’t bothered by cats we’ve seen on walks.

He sleeps through the night and settles well when left. He’s doing really well with toilet training using a routine, accidents are now only if he’s left for too long or we ignore the signs.

Denzil needs continued patience and someone who will work with him on his terms to improve his confidence, but seeing him be brave or get excited about something new is a joy to watch.

Adoption fee £290 which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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