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Buddy is 14 months old. He’s a medium to large sized mixed breed. Best guess of breeds featured include pointer and cattle dog.
Buddy is a right character, he is full of beans and loves to play, Buddy would definitely need a home with another dog that will play with him, he loves to play tug of war with dogs and humans.Buddy talks when wanting attention which is quite comical.
He shouldn’t be homed with younger children as he can be quite full on and can knock smaller children over, a home with teenage children would be ok.
Buddy needs ongoing training, boundaries and routine. He is very clever and would thrive if taken to classes, agility or as a running partner.
Buddy is great at walking on the lead, he loves woodland walks and enjoys a good run in fenced field. He’s good with all dogs outside and people. A sociable chap.
Buddy does guard his food and has previously guarded his bed. We have worked really hard with him on this, and he has improved so much. He should not have bones or high value chews left around.

Adoption fee £345 which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist
A 121 session with an IMDT trainer (subject to location)

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