Bella - on trial

7 years old





BELLA is a beautiful little sassy foxy lady, who has bags of confidence and personality.


She is a 7 year old, neutered long haired Chihuahua.


Bella loves to be sociable and go out and about with her friends. Her best friend is Rebel and she would ideally be best suited in her forever home with him.


She begs for belly rubs and kisses and has the cutest smile!


She beams happiness with the sweetest little face and sassy trot.


Bella walks perfectly on harness and loves car rides and adventures.


She does well in public and meeting people and other dogs with ease.


She is a very loving dog who craves company making her a wonderful companion and caretaker to her little friends.


She can push herself a bit when exercising so does well in a carrier or lots of breaks to rest on outings, equally enjoying her walks.


Bella’s recall can be patchy when exploring so advised to be on lead in public.


She’s happy to run around the garden chasing birds but really comes alive exploring on her adventures.


Bella has some separation anxiety issues but will settle down with her friend Rebel in her safe space, so would not be suitable as an only dog.


She can be left for a few hours with her companion.


Bella is crate and house trained. She would prefer to be in bed with you and her friends, but will settle overnight in her crate with her friend after getting tucked in and a story.


She loves her fluffy blankets to dig in and snuggling up.


She likes getting her face washed with wet wipes and enjoys grooming and a soak in the tub.


Any type of affection and attention is her favourite thing. She likes to spends her time grooming and snogging with her best friend Rebel, which is very special and completely adorable to watch.


She is a very caring little person who makes sure everyone is happy and settled. She is great with visitors, children and other dogs.


Bella does best in her safe space with her friend while you are hoovering, cleaning or shopping and suggest she is popped in while answering the door or welcoming visitors.


Bella is a wonderfully affectionate little girl with a balanced nature who thrives with friends and activities.


Adoption fee £375 which includes;



Vet check


Flea & worm treatment

5 weeks insurance with Agria

Post adoption training


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