Amira & Blythe

2 & 3 years




Mother and daughter bonded pair.
Amira is 2 years old. Blythe is 3 years old. They are medium sized crossbreeds.

AMIRA – Is super fun and playful. Loves long walks and is almost perfectly behaved off her lead. She loves running through bushes and water. She loves her toys in the house and would love a selection as can wake up early so instead of waking her foster mum, she happily plays with her toys. She is excitable, and can be a bit bitey/mouthy which can hurt sometimes but she learning not to do this. She can be a bit snappy if there’s just too much going on. So doesn’t want a busy household because she will just get scared. She loves being cuddled and is super friendly and happy. She does love people and other dogs but young children are too much for her to cope with. Having been recently reunited with her mum she has a new lease of confidence.

BLYTHE – Like her daughter, loves long exciting walks off of her lead, she loves running in and out of trees and bushes with Amira. While Amira is friendly but a little reserved, Blythe absolutely loves people, especially children, is super friendly and will say hello to anyone. She is a very calm dog, loves to play and loves toys.

Blythe likes to sleep alone at night, in the living room but Amira likes to be with you in a bed of her own or on your bed. Both dogs are an absolute delight and will do very well staying together as a pair. Both are house trained and can be left for a few hours in the house without issues.

Adoption fee £345 for the pair which includes;

Vet check
Flea & worm treatment
5 weeks insurance with Agria
Pre & Post consults with an experienced behaviourist

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