Adoption Contract

    Adoption contract



    1.1 When adopting a dog from Phoenix Rehoming you agree that follow-up checks will be made.  This is to
    ensure that each dog remains healthy and happy. We encourage all our adopters to join the “Life After
    Rescue – Phoenix Rehoming” group on Facebook. 

    1.2 Dogs adopted from Phoenix Rehoming remain the legal property of Phoenix Rehoming for their entire lives. You
    agree not to give away, sell or otherwise dispose of your dog.  If for any reason you are unable to keep
    your dog, you must contact Phoenix Rehoming at the earliest opportunity.  Phoenix Rehoming will plan for
    the dog to be surrendered and placed into a foster home. This will happen as soon as practicable but there will
    be times when finding the dog an alternative placement can take several weeks.  

    1.3 Phoenix Rehoming will ensure that the dog’s microchip is updated upon adoption.

    1.4 You will NOT euthanise your dog without prior agreement from a Phoenix Rehoming team member unless in the
    case of accident, injury or illness a veterinary surgeon deems the dog to be suffering and that euthanasia is
    the only humane option.

    1.5 In the event that your dog passes away, you must notify Phoenix Rehoming so that records can be updated. You
    may be asked to provide proof of this from your veterinary practice. 

    1.6 The law says that your dog must always wear an identification tag. This should contain your surname, address,
    post code and telephone number.

    1.7 Adoption donations are NOT refundable. This applies even if you return your dog. 

    1.8 In the case of U.K. adoptions, you MUST have spent sufficient time with any dog prior to adoption to ensure
    that you are ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that you wish to adopt the dog. You adopt a dog by choice, you are under no
    obligation to do so if you do not believe the dog is suitable. You must walk any prospective dog and ALL family
    members must have met him or her. This includes any resident dogs. You are encouraged to make multiple visits
    before coming to any decision. 

    1.9 In the case of direct adoptions, puppies arrive directly to adopters from overseas shelters. The journey
    takes approximately three days. We can make no guarantees of the puppy’s temperament. The puppy will NOT
    have been tested with cats, children or other animals. They are unlikely to have ever lived in a home and will
    NOT be toilet trained. They will never have worn a collar or ever walked on a lead.


    2.1 You agree that as the dog’s owner you are responsible for his or her actions AT ALL TIMES. 

    2.2 When you adopt a dog, you understand that you are responsible for the costs of feeding and grooming your dog.
     You will be given advice about your dog’s current diet and grooming regime.  

    2.3 You agree that your dog will NOT live outside under any circumstances. 

    2.4 You agree that the dog must NOT be bred from under any circumstances.

    2.5 You have a responsibility to maintain a secure boundary in your garden to prevent your dog from escaping
    and/or injuring themselves. Such boundaries must be maintained properly and repaired or replaced as necessary.
    The minimum required fencing height is 4 feet. For some dogs, including puppies adopted directly from overseas
    the required fencing height is 6 feet. 

    2.6 Dogs should generally not be left alone for more than 4 hours. We will consider families who work full time
    but ONLY IF there are suitable provisions in place for the dog. For example, dog day care or a suitable dog

    2.7 You must ensure that your dog is insured for the duration of their life. Phoenix Rehoming works in
    Partnership with Agria Pet Insurance. We will arrange 5 weeks free insurance with Agria upon adoption. You agree
    that in order to do this we will pass your contact details to Agria who may contact you to offer you continued
    insurance cover.

    2.8 Your personal information is not shared with anyone else without your prior agreement. We retain a copy or
    your application and any subsequent home check forms unless you ask us not to.


    3.1 You must register your dog as soon as practicable with a veterinary surgery. You are responsible for the cost
    of veterinary care, this includes vaccines, flea and worm treatment.  Your dog will have been seen at least
    once by a vet prior to adoption. With most rescue dogs we often do not know much about their past. We can make
    no guarantees against hereditary defects, illnesses or conditions.

    3.2 Phoenix Rehoming will not be liable or responsible for any illness or injury of the dog post adoption.

    3.3 If you adopt an unneutered dog (for example a puppy) you agree that YOU will arrange for the dog to be
    neutered according to advice from your veterinary surgeon.  You understand that this will be at YOUR cost.
     Phoenix Rehoming is not responsible for the cost of neutering dogs post adoption. Breeding your dog under
    any circumstances is NOT permitted and any offspring of dogs adopted from us become the legal property of
    Phoenix Rehoming. Breeding your dog will result in his/her immediate removal.

    3.4 All Phoenix dogs are clinically examined by a vet and any known illness or injury is treated. In areas of
    endemic disease, the dogs are blood tested for leishmaniasis, heartworm, ehrlichiosis, Lyme disease and
    anaplasmosis. Every step is taken to ensure dogs from such countries are disease free. There are very rare
    occasions when such diseases are dormant and not identified during testing only to appear later, post adoption.
    We urge all adopters to carry out their own research about these diseases. Phoenix Rehoming accepts no liability
    for such diseases which are diagnosed post adoption.


    4.1 You understand that you must exercise your dog appropriately and that you are responsible for training your
    dog.  Phoenix Rehoming will be open and honest about any issues that the dog has and will give advice on
    how to address these.  You agree that should behavioural issues arise that you will seek professional help
    and the cost of such help is your responsibility as a dog owner. 

    4.2 There is often a settling in period when a dog moves to a new home. The first few weeks can often be the most
    difficult. You agree to keep Phoenix Rehoming updated on your dog’s progress, especially during the
    transition period.  Phoenix Rehoming is on hand to give help and advice. WE WILL NOT REMOVE DOGS IN THE
    FIRST 14 DAYS OF ADOPTION. Please read our adoption guide carefully as it contains lots of guidance, hints and
    tips. If you need help, please ask. 


    4.4 Phoenix Rehoming is not responsible for any damage caused by your dog.  This includes damage by chewing
    and toilet “accidents”.  

    4.5 Phoenix Rehoming is not liable for any injury caused to any person. 

    4.6 Phoenix Rehoming will describe a dog’s behaviour, including any problems to the best of its knowledge
    and belief. Phoenix Rehoming can make no guarantee that issues or problems will not arise when the dog is
    adopted. You have a responsibility to seek professional help from a trainer or behaviourist if problems do
    arise. We are on hand to provide help and advice. 

    4.7 Phoenix Rehoming prohibits the use of choke, prong or shock collars.

    4.8 You understand that you are responsible for your dog’s behaviour at all times. Phoenix Rehoming will
    not be liable for your dog’s behaviour post adoption.

    4.9 You agree to participate in pre and post adoption consultations with our qualified and experienced trainers.
    Phoenix Rehoming promotes IMDT trainers using positive training methods. You can find out more at 

    5.    PET SAFETY

    5.1 You must ensure that your dog is always safe in and away from the home. Newly adopted dogs can be nervous and
    unpredictable in new surroundings. You must ensure that your dog is always on a lead until such time as you have
    successfully trained reliable recall in a variety of situations.

    5.2 We recommend that all newly adopted dogs are walked with a harness and lead and a second slip lead. This is
    to prevent them escaping by slipping out of any harness or traditional collar. We recommend the use of a
    three-point harness which incorporates an additional belly strap to prevent a dog from backing out. 

    5.3 Your dog must be secured at all times when being transported. Either by using a crate or a secure harness and

    5.4 In the unexpected event that your dog becomes lost or escapes you must contact Phoenix Rehoming as soon as
    possible. Phoenix Rehoming can arrange for help and support to assist you in recovering your dog. Failure to
    take all reasonable steps to recover your dog, or failure to co-operate with Phoenix Rehoming will result in
    your dog being removed to our care once safely recaptured. 

    5.5 You must ensure that your dog’s microchip details are updated if you change telephone numbers, emails
    address or if you move to a new house. The microchip is dual registered with Phoenix Rehoming as an additional
    safety measure. 

    5.6 You must ensure that there is a barrier preventing your dog from escaping through your open front door. A
    suitable barrier would be an internal door or stair gate. 

    Dog Details

    You agree that to the best of your knowledge and belief that no person residing in your household, or who will
    care for the dog, is disqualified from keeping animals or has a deprivation order made under the Animal Welfare
    Act 2006 or has a conviction for any offences relating to animals.

    You agree to comply with all relevant regulations, legislation and laws regarding the welfare, control, ownership
    and protection of animals including without limitation the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and the codes of practice
    under that Act.